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released in 2015 by FIREBASE INDUSTRIES LTD. in category GAMES (111.5 MB)

Engage in Endless Intense Action!

Star Bridge is a fast arcade game where you navigate and blitz through a randomized, mechanized and weaponized enemy trench.

Swipe left and right to dodge towers and enemy fire but also swipe up and down to climb over and pass under the hazards within the level. Launch homing missiles at enemies by tapping them, or tap and hold to engage your boosters and thread the needle.

Collect credits to help load up on power-ups such as protective Shields, zone passing Hyperspace engines, or enemy vaporizing Smart Bombs!

Star Bridge is Free to Play, however In App Purchases are available for the other starfighters and also credit packs. Prices range from $.99 to $14.99.

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